What's Context Reading During Banned Book Week?

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October is banned book week, this is where libraries and schools celebrate these great works of literature that have often been the subject of controversy, despite their status as literary classics. They are often introduced to people in schools as must-read material that challenges us as human beings to look internally at what drives us all. However, there are some places in the world where these books have been considered “obscene” or  go against common teachings. We think you might be surprised by some of the  books that are considered “banned”. See below for our top 5 banned books to check out this week.

The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald

This piece of classic American literature is actually consistently challenged for banning due to it’s language and liberal subject matter.

To Kill A Mockingbird – Haper Lee

This novel is a staple in most high school curriculums, yet it has been in conflict with many school districts over it’s use of language and racial stereotypes.

Brave New World – Aldous Huxley

It’s understandable that this book makes the banned list. This is a novel about a dystopian future that is controlled by science, groupthink, propaganda and psychotropic drugs.


Slaughterhouse Five  – Kurt Vonnegut

A non linear novel about a man who isn’t constrained by time and can travel to any point in his life. Some of the themes and subject matter are considered ” adult”.

The Lord Of the Rings Trilogy – J.R.R. Tolkien

Frankly, We’re a little puzzled as to how this lands on the list. Some groups have contested this epic work of fantasy as satanist propaganda

So tell us, What’s your favourite “banned” book to read this week? Leave your answer in the comments below.

All of these works can be found by visiting your local public library.

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