5 Awesome Libraries from Around the World

For bookworms around the world, dreaming of beautiful and grand libraries is a common pastime. Visions of multi-storey libraries, with shelves housing the world’s rarest and largest book collections dance in our heads. One of Context’s coolest projects, the Library District Condominiums, pays homage to the City’s many libraries with its abstract design that mimics books lining their shelf. As lovers of reading and literature, we understand the love for beautiful libraries. Here’s a look at 5 of the most amazing libraries from around the globe. 

Ladies and gentlemen – the year is almost over. We know, we know … it went by far too fast! We’ve had plenty of good days (like Market Wharf selling out),  checked out new attractions (like Ripley’s Aquarium) and ate a cronut burger. We also read plenty of good books so instead of our usual monthly book list, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite 10 books that we read this year. Some are completely new while others have graced the pages of Context in the past – and not all of them were written in 2013, hey would you rather us be behind in our reading or our work? That’s what we thought!

Take a look!

It was snowing this morning; which means Christmas is right around the corner! We love the holiday season in Toronto, but more on that later. We’ve got some book reviews to share!

These books will make great gifts for the book-lover in your family or you can just buy them for yourself – whatever floats your boat!


Did you know that before 1883, there was no public library system in Toronto, or anywhere else in Canada? Fast forward 129 years later and Toronto now has 99 of them! In addition, the city’s 100th public library will be connected to Library District Condominiums. It’s quite a milestone and the city’s public library system has certainly come a long way since 1883. Let’s take a look back at the history of Toronto’s first library.

Toronto's first public library in 1884. It was previously known as the Toronto Mechanics' Institute