Queen & Ashbridge Construction Update – Summer 2023

24 July 2023,   By ,  

Construction at Queen & Ashbridge continues to progress. We are currently working on finishing the 4th floor and have begun pouring the 5th floor.

The weather has been cooperating and the large concrete pours of the base floors are giving way to the residential floors above.

A west facing view of from the 4th floor as seen above, is one of lush green tree tops.

The downtown skyline is quite prominent from the 5th floor and promises to only get more dramatic as the tower progresses.

The ground floor amenities are beginning to take shape as well. The dramatic 2 storey gym (above) will soon have the additional supports removed once the formwork on the floors above is completed.

The Queen Street East facade is beginning to take shape and is home to the Loft Collection. A few select Loft suites still remain and come with an upgraded kitchen, concrete ceilings, and upgraded living room stone ledge/counter and millwork/bookshelves.

Stay tuned for more exciting construction updates in the near future and for more information on the Loft Collection, please call 416.699.5005 or email sales@qacondos.com