Your Autumn 2016 Reading List

The weather is starting to get a little cooler and there’s that distinct feel of fall in the air yet again. That could also be the abundance of pumpkin spice everything around, but either way, the signs of fall are definitely here. One of the best things about fall is curling up with a hot drink, wool socks on your feet, and a good book in your hand. We here at Context love books so we’ve rounded up some of the best reads to have on your reading list this autumn!

Summer’s here, and there’s no better sunny afternoon activity than putting your nose into a good book and relaxing in the sun. The good thing about summer is that a ton of new books come out – and our communities are near tons of public green space to enjoy them in. Do you know what else we have a lot of around our buildings? Libraries, where books are born. Wait, that’s not right. Anyway, here are some of our picks for summer.

We’ve been reading many, many books lately. After all, it is the thing to do when it’s too cold outside to be social and mingle with friends. House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black have yet to return to Netflix, and we so gladly seek comfort in our first true love: books! The thing with books is that they’re not like movies, where the best ones come out during the summer and sometimes trickle into the rest of the year. Good books are always being published and so you always have something to read.

Here’s some books that YOU should read soon:


Every year Scotiabank hands out the Giller prize, which is the top literary prize in Canada. It’s like the Grammys of book writing. Or is that a Juno? Then what the heck is a Gemini award? Anyway. It’s a huge deal to those of us who love fiction novels. Especially Canadian fiction novels.

Okay, now that you’ve recovered from Canada Day festivities, it’s time to start planning beach dates and weekends at the cottage! Can you guess what the common denominator is for all summer excursions? If you guessed beer, you’re probably right, but we’re thinking books and plenty of ’em! And with the newly opened Fort York Library right next door to Library District, you have no excuse to not read more this summer!

Take a gander at our summer reading list so far.

It was snowing this morning; which means Christmas is right around the corner! We love the holiday season in Toronto, but more on that later. We’ve got some book reviews to share!

These books will make great gifts for the book-lover in your family or you can just buy them for yourself – whatever floats your boat!

The leaves are changing colours, the oversized grandpa sweaters are back in our closets…Fall is here! Though we love reading whenever and wherever there’s just something about cuddling up with a knit throw, a pumpkin spiced latte and a good book that makes autumn our favourite season.

We’ve been hard at work researching books for our October reading list and we found three great books. No really, think this may be one of our best reading lists yet.

Have a look!

Ahh, as people of all ages return back to school and hit the books, we decided maybe we too should revisit our book reviews.

It’s been a hot week. And by hot, we mean sweltering, blazing, melting…that kinda of heat. Where you feel as if you can fry some eggs on the roof of your car, flip a few pancakes, maybe uh, make grilled cheese? Okay, okay, you get the point.

When it’s this hot out there’s nothing more to do than grab a cold beverage, grab your shades and hit the pool or patio with a good book! Here’s what we’ve come up with for July’s reading list.

Ah, we’ve been slacking on our reading for the past few months but we decided the summer is the perfect time to head over to your favourite library and check out some good reads. Check out these reads that will keep you entertained without working your thought processes too much.