The History of Transit in Toronto

For those who don’t bike or walk to get around the city, an intimate relationship with Toronto’s transit system is formed. If you take the same streetcar, bus, or subway route everyday to get to and from work, you can probably take the trip with your eyes closed. You likely see the same people everyday, roll your eyes at the same delays every so often, and have that same sense of embarrassment when you almost miss the subway and have to run through the doors at the last second (we’ve all been there). But what we take for granted as our day-to-day commute is actually the result of over a century’s worth of transit development in our fair city. Want to know more? We did some perusing of the TTC and the Toronto Archives to piece it all together. Here’s a look back at the history of transit in Toronto.

Our Ultimate Toronto Bucket List

Toronto’s a big city, which means the list of things to do is essentially never-ending. With so many different people, neighbourhoods, restaurants, shops, parks, events, public spaces, museums – the list goes on and on – comes a plethora of amazing places and spaces to explore when you live here.

The amount of things to do in our city can be overwhelming, so we narrowed down the best of the best into one long, but solid, bucket list. This year, make it your mission to tick off as many items as you can on our Ultimate Toronto Bucket List.

It’s been a great year for Toronto, and it seems like our status as a world-class city is only cementing itself further as 2015 progresses. Whether you’re all about the Toronto love yourself, or you’re looking for a gift for your favourite transplant, any of these fun products are a great way to show off your YYZ pride!

It’s been a pretty amazing month for Toronto! We’re hot off the end of the all-around successful Pan Am Games, we’ve got a beloved new sign in Nathan Phillips Square, and we’re getting tons of international attention for being all-around amazing. Canada recently regained our (rightful) top spot as having the world’s best reputation, from our welcoming people to beautiful landscape. As usual, we came out on top on the worldwide Safe Cities Index. To top it all off, we’re also the best worldwide city for young people and now Metropolis’ most liveable city in the world!

If you’re an Instagram user in Toronto, you’re probably sick of the same old same old: skyline shots from the Toronto Island ferry, hipster tacos at today’s restaurant-of-the-minute, jellyfish at Ripley’s Aquarium…you get the picture. If you do a little digging, though, you’ll see Toronto’s urban jungle is home to thousands of Instagrammers paying daily homage to the places and spaces that make us so happy to call Toronto home. From intrepid rooftoppers to construction workers, entrepreneurs to ad industry creatives, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite accounts putting new spins on Toronto’s aesthetic.


So remember how we started a series talking about all the good that goes on in our lovely city? Like the Toronto Batman or the People for Good? Well, we think it’s high time we started sharing more good things that happen in the best city in the world, starting with something that we’re really proud to be a part of: a scholarship!

It was a stormy and snowy Wednesday afternoon but we knew we had to trek out to the Centre for Social Innovation on Bathurst and Bloor for this month’s Pop Up Market. The vendors were all from in and around Toronto so even if you didn’t make it out yesterday (they’ll forgive you on account of snowpocalypse 2014), you should still check them out online and at other local markets across the city.

Here’s what we got:

We have our fair share of superheroes here in Toronto, even though some of them might not don a cape or a über cool outfit. These individuals and groups are the ones that make Toronto such a great place to live, a great place to work and a great place to visit.

Check ‘em out, Toronto’s very own heroes.

It’s the first official week back to work, school and whatever it is you usually do all day long outside of the holiday season.

We’re just moving down our list of New Year’s resolutions, checking items off right, left and center. Reading more books? Check. Hitting the gym? You betcha. Doing more good? Hmm, we did help an elderly woman cross the street this morning… but let’s do it bigger!

Last year, we sat down with Adil Dhalla from the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) to chat about what makes a good social entrepreneur and the importance of community. When we said we wanted to do more good this year, we meant we want everyone in Toronto to do a little more good this year. So, let’s take a look at what makes goes into building a great community – like the future Regent Park.

We’re baaaack with Adil Dhalla from the Centre for Social Innovation! Last week we talked about who they are and how the Centre for Social Innovation is a hub for social entrepreneurs. This week we chat about their projects and social entrepreneurs.