3 Bike Rides That Will Make You Love Toronto

It’s hard to beat summer in Toronto. There’s so much to do and so many places to explore, the city comes to life in the summer. We can’t think of a better way to get around the city when the weather is just right than by bike. A good bike ride can make you fall back in love with the city again. We’ve picked out three of our favourite routes to take around some of our communities.

Grab your bike and hit the trails with us!

1. The Martin Goodman Trail at Bathurst to the Humber Bay Bridge

One of the most beautiful bike rides that you can take in Toronto is along the waterfront. Hop on the Martin Goodman Trail at Bathurst (near our 150 Dan Leckie Way and Library District developments!) and cruise west. You’ll pass by our Tip Top Lofts and through a few parks. Keep going until you reach the iconic Humber Bay Bridge. This beautiful arch bridge also has some great views of the Toronto skyline so be sure to take a peek.

2. The Martin Goodman Trail at Bathurst to Cherry Beach

Starting at the same point as our first ride, this one goes in the other direction. Head east along the waterfront for some different views of the city. Head over to Cherry Street and over the bridge so you can enjoy the skyline of the city from a different vantage point. Loop on over to Cherry Beach – it’s a great place to spend a summer afternoon before biking on home.

3. The Martin Goodman Trail at Jarvis to Riverdale Park

If you’re near our Market Wharf development in the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood, you’re not far from the bike path along the waterfront. Just head down Jarvis to the Martin Goodman Trail! Head east and then follow the trail north that goes along the DVP and the Don River. It’s a beautiful ride and it’ll take you right on up to Riverdale Park. It’s a bit more challenging than our first two rides, but it’s worth it for the views along the way.

Do you bike around Toronto? What’s your favourite route for a ride? Tell us over on Twitter.

At this point, the leaves are mostly off the trees and cool weather is here for the foreseeable future. While it’s a bit of a bummer to say goodbye to another gorgeous Toronto summer, the promise of these upcoming excuses to get out and enjoy the city are getting us through. Here are NUMBER Toronto events we’ll be breaking out the hot chocolate for.

It’s been a pretty amazing month for Toronto! We’re hot off the end of the all-around successful Pan Am Games, we’ve got a beloved new sign in Nathan Phillips Square, and we’re getting tons of international attention for being all-around amazing. Canada recently regained our (rightful) top spot as having the world’s best reputation, from our welcoming people to beautiful landscape. As usual, we came out on top on the worldwide Safe Cities Index. To top it all off, we’re also the best worldwide city for young people and now Metropolis’ most liveable city in the world!

If you’re an Instagram user in Toronto, you’re probably sick of the same old same old: skyline shots from the Toronto Island ferry, hipster tacos at today’s restaurant-of-the-minute, jellyfish at Ripley’s Aquarium…you get the picture. If you do a little digging, though, you’ll see Toronto’s urban jungle is home to thousands of Instagrammers paying daily homage to the places and spaces that make us so happy to call Toronto home. From intrepid rooftoppers to construction workers, entrepreneurs to ad industry creatives, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite accounts putting new spins on Toronto’s aesthetic.

At Context, we’re always looking to expand our horizons and experience new things in the pursuit of science. Yesterday we thought we’d pay a visit to Ripley’s Aquarium to check out some of the cool exhibits. We’re talking about the sharks, obviously.

So last week we mentioned that Market Wharf was all sold out and we were both equal parts sad and proud, like a parent sending their kid off to university. But, it appears as that farewell was in vain because we totally have more Market Wharf news.

It’s a big green space with awesome elements, and located next to the Library District condos and the city’s 100th public library.

Move over, Yonge st, you’re not the talk of the town anymore. Well you may be still, but you’re not our favourite. There, we said it.

One of the reasons we love Toronto so much is the diverse nature of each street. Be it culturally, economically, or demographically, each street has it’s own story from beginning to end. In our first entry to the series, we take a look at what is sometimes called “downtown south”. Or as we lovingly call it, “Jock Alley”. Come with us as we explain why Bremner Boulevard is one of our favourite streets in Toronto.

We just can’t keep it secret anymore…This is Market Wharf’s future public artwork by Paul Raff Studio!

We stopped by the Library District on a beautifully sunny day to check in on it’s progress. Have a look at some quick updates below: