Interior Design Show 2017!
Interior Design Show 2017!
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Calling all designers, future designers, renovators and all round design aficionados, the Toronto Interior Design Show (IDS) is coming up next week at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  Whether you are looking for the latest kitchen and bath trends, appliances, hardwood, tile, or just want to check out some of the over-the-top booth designs and expert key note speakers – the IDS is not to be missed!2016-IDS-02-webThere is something for everyone’s taste at IDS and it is a great opportunity to see what home and décor trends are going to be hitting the market in 2017 before they reach the magazines and stores.

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montauk from homedit

The party kicks off on Thursday, January 19th, with trade day on Friday, January 20th and opens to the public on Saturday, January 21st and Sunday, January 22nd.  Admission for the public on the weekend can be purchased on line at for $19 per person or for $22 at the door.


A word of warning, IDS can be quite frenetic so why not make a day of it and visit the Ritz Carlton ( ) across the street for a pre-show nutritious brunch at TOCA ( ) or a post-show much needed relaxing cocktail at the Ritz Bar or DEQ Lounge.


IDS only pops up for one weekend a year so don’t miss out!


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A Festive Construction Update

If you’ve been up around Yorkdale lately you will have noticed there’s been a lot of excitement and development going on. Not only at the shopping centre, but also at The Yorkdale Condominiums! This project is the first phase in the 100-acre master planned community just south of the shopping mall. The 15-storey condo will be a gem in the neighbourhood, adding to the already thriving area. We’ve reached some exciting construction milestones, and thought an update might be the perfect holiday gift to our purchasers and followers.

Where to Meet Up for Drinks Before the Holidays

The month of December is notoriously busy. Not only are you trying to wrap up any loose ends at the office before the year’s end, but your social calendar is typically booked to the brim. There’s something about the holiday season that makes everyone want to get together with friends – old and new! The festive spirit is contagious, and the reasons to celebrate and reminisce are plentiful. Once the holiday season ‘properly’ starts, family commitments come into play, so it’s important to get all of your holiday rendezvous coordinated ASAP. The city is full of places to meet up with friends during the holidays, but these are our top picks for spots to grab a drink this season! 

Holiday Gift Guide for Bookworms

There are certain people on your holiday shopping list that are really difficult to buy for, such as your friend who is starkly against consumerism, or in contrast, your sister who has extremely specific (and expensive) taste. Then there are the people on your list who make your life easy, such as the bookworms. If any of the loved ones you’re buying for love to curl up with a good book, the hunt for their gift will be extremely simple. All you have to do is peruse the best seller list and think of cozy additions to a good reading session to make them happy! Check out these great reads, and cozy bookworm accessories to get for the bookworm in your life. 

There’s always something new going at Yorkdale. Whether it’s a new store, a new event, or an entire new wing! The retail masterminds behind Canada’s top-selling centre are doing all that they can to pry people away from their computer screens, and give them fabulous reasons to hit the mall. This past week Yorkdale unveiled the biggest retail expansion in the GTA this year, and gave the brick-and-mortar retail experience a much-deserved win. 

Our favourite public spaces in the city


Toronto is full of great things to do all year round. In partnership with organizations like Waterfront Toronto and the Toronto Public Space Committee, the city has transformed both public and private spaces into great places to take a break, take amazing photos, or do some people-watching.

5 Fall Festivals You Won’t Want to Miss

We’re about a week into fall, and it certainly feels like it. With leaves blowing on the sidewalks, and the air noticeably cooler, it’s hard to believe that summer was so recent! The memories of outdoor summer music festivals, and street festivals feel like a not-so-distant memory. Thankfully, autumn in Toronto is a beautiful season, and full of fun things to do. Here are 5 fall festivals that are coming up and definitely worth checking out! 

Your Autumn 2016 Reading List

The weather is starting to get a little cooler and there’s that distinct feel of fall in the air yet again. That could also be the abundance of pumpkin spice everything around, but either way, the signs of fall are definitely here. One of the best things about fall is curling up with a hot drink, wool socks on your feet, and a good book in your hand. We here at Context love books so we’ve rounded up some of the best reads to have on your reading list this autumn!

The History of Transit in Toronto

For those who don’t bike or walk to get around the city, an intimate relationship with Toronto’s transit system is formed. If you take the same streetcar, bus, or subway route everyday to get to and from work, you can probably take the trip with your eyes closed. You likely see the same people everyday, roll your eyes at the same delays every so often, and have that same sense of embarrassment when you almost miss the subway and have to run through the doors at the last second (we’ve all been there). But what we take for granted as our day-to-day commute is actually the result of over a century’s worth of transit development in our fair city. Want to know more? We did some perusing of the TTC and the Toronto Archives to piece it all together. Here’s a look back at the history of transit in Toronto.

Our Ultimate Toronto Bucket List

Toronto’s a big city, which means the list of things to do is essentially never-ending. With so many different people, neighbourhoods, restaurants, shops, parks, events, public spaces, museums – the list goes on and on – comes a plethora of amazing places and spaces to explore when you live here.

The amount of things to do in our city can be overwhelming, so we narrowed down the best of the best into one long, but solid, bucket list. This year, make it your mission to tick off as many items as you can on our Ultimate Toronto Bucket List.