Every month we take a look at the history of Library District‘s most famous neighbour; Fort York. This month in an interview with the foremost expert regarding the fort, Dr. Carl Benn, Dean of History at Ryerson University, our discussion will focus around the years immediately after the war and leading up to Canada’s independence.These years were influential in the development of Toronto and Canada as we know it exists today.

Context Library District

Right beside our Library District construction site lies one of the most historically significant sites in Toronto, if not Canada. Fort York was built to protect the small colony of York from American threats in the later part of the 1700’s and has played a key role in the development of modern Toronto as we know it. In the following series we will sit down with one of the most foremost experts on Fort York, Carl Benn, PhD and Dean of History at Ryerson University to chat about the fort’s history and it’s role in shaping Toronto into the city it is today.