In light of uh, recent events, our fair city has been the ire of many people worldwide. While it may seem like low hanging fruit to mock the current situation, we’re going to go in a different direction. We’d like to introduce you to our newest series: Toronto the Good. We’ll be taking a look at those making a difference in the community; it’s kind of like having Toronto’s very own superheroes.

This week, we sat down with Adil Dhalla from the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) to talk about what they do, their love for Toronto and some cool projects they’re working on.

Let’s take it away!

We had a bit of a case of the midweek blahs, then we had an earth-shattering idea — Cupcakes.  We thought cupcakes would cheer us up, and so we went to Market Street with hopes to devour some of the sweet sweet nectar of the chocolate gods and to share with you our adventure. We’re so lucky that St. Lawrence Market is just a hop, jump and a skip away from Market Wharf!

Here are some lovely pictures of our morning in the world’s best food market (as awarded by National Geographic).

It was a a bit rainy the other day and we thought, what better day to make a visit to St. Lawrence Market? So we headed on down to the neighbourhood to check out the latest things the market has to offer!

The smell of freshly baked goods is sure to lure you down to the lower level of St. Lawrence Market where Stone Mill Bakehouse is located.

Stopping by Olympic Cheese is a must whenever you’re at St.Lawrence Market. It’s literally a cheese lover’s heaven! The store boasts 1,000 specialty items, and more than 600 kinds of cheese!

St. Lawrence Market is hands down the best food market in the world! We’re not just saying that because Market Wharf just happens to be right next door, but because National Geographic says so! Every now and then, we’ll be sharing some our favourite spots from the market with you. Last time we featured Ponesse foods and this week, we discovered Wine Country Merchants which has the best selection of wines for any occasion.

We’ve kept a tight lid on all things Library District related over the past few months. But that lid comes off today. You see, we wanted to make sure that everything is perfect before we revealed anything to you. And perfect it is! So without wasting anymore time, let’s get straight to business.

View of the under construction library and condo

No one was probably more pleased than us when Market Wharf’s favourite neighbour St. Lawrence Market, was named the world’s best food market by National Geographic.