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28 February 2013,   By ,  

There really isn’t anything better then diving nose-first into a good book. Last month we went a little sci-fi, but we’ll try to bring us back down to reality this month with these fiction titles. Warning – since this is the month of love and all, they’re heartbreakers.

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Truth in Advertising

Finbar Dolan is a copywriter for a diaper brand at a prestigous Madison ave. Ad agency.

He is approaching his 40’s and recently has called off his own wedding, causing irreconcilable differences. Three days before christmas, two things happen to him: his estranged father falls deathly ill, and his client wants to create a superbowl ad for their new product.

His relationship with his family is nonexistent and extremely troubled,  his coworkers and clients are the closest thing he has to family, and he slowly comes to terms that he’s fallen for a coworker.  All this while trying to juggle millions of dollars and client expectations.

John Kenney is hilarious yet heartbreaking at the exact same time. One minute there will be tears of laughter, the next — well, actual tears. If you enjoy Mad Men, this is an insightful look into the current-day advertising industry.

This is How You Lose Her.

A Pullitzer Prize Winning Auther, Junot Diaz uses his clever wordplay to craft an elegant, heartbreaking tale of 4 types of love witness by 1 central character, Yunior. Yunior is a hard youth from the dominican republic, He is raw, emotional, and for back of a better word, young. Much of what is experiencing are the undertones of a much larger understand of how love is protrayed in the world.

Now, this isn’t a knock on the novel at all, but take your time with this one.  Let the content have time to breathe. because the last parts of this book fly by as fast as any thriller/mystery page flipper.

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