Context's July Reading List

17 July 2013,   By ,  

It’s been a hot week. And by hot, we mean sweltering, blazing, melting…that kinda of heat. Where you feel as if you can fry some eggs on the roof of your car, flip a few pancakes, maybe uh, make grilled cheese? Okay, okay, you get the point.

When it’s this hot out there’s nothing more to do than grab a cold beverage, grab your shades and hit the pool or patio with a good book! Here’s what we’ve come up with for July’s reading list.

We love it when our friends suggest a good book – Ragged Company was brought to our attention via our friend @ReachMeBC on Twitter. This title should be available at your local public library, and we’re confident you’re going to love it just as much as we did.

it’s the tale of four homeless people who have their lives changed forever after an Arctic Storm and a chance encounter. Richard Wagamese weaves the present and future with tales of the past. You won’t be disappointed!

Let’s face it – this heat isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you’re going to settle in for a long afternoon of doing absolutely nothing but relaxing you’re going to need an epic novel. The Son by Philipp Meyer is definitely epic – it touches on power, family saga and old Texas.

The year is 1836 and the west has yet to be tamed. The “first born son of Texas” Eli McCullough is kidnapped at the age of 13 by a band of Comanche natives – they don’t kill him but instead raise him as one of their own. He grows up thinking that’s who he is until the tribe is eventually wiped out due to disease. We don’t want to give too much away but you’ll thoroughly enjoy following his tale, and the tale of his son and great-granddaughter as they struggle with ambition and power.

For those who just want to use the book to escape and have a few good laughs – you definitely want to pick up Revenge Wears Prada, the sequel to the New York Times Bestseller The Devil Wears Prada. It was published last month but we just got around to reading it now.

It follows Andy (remember her, played by Anne Hathaway in the movie?) and her former co-assistant/nemesis-turned-BFF, Emily, as they launch their own magazine and lead the best life possible. Andy is about to get married but then the Devil strikes back. Dun dun dun…

Both of these books are available on Amazon, iTunes or your friendly neighbourhood library. That’s convenient, there’s one going up right next door to Library District! (See what we did there?)

So will you pick these up? Which books are you most looking forward to? What should we review next? Let us know in the comments or join the conversation on Twitter!