What Halloween in Toronto is REALLY like

30 October 2013,   By ,  

Well it’s the night before Halloween and congratulations on finally deciding that you’re going to go out and partake in the festivities.  The only issue is that because it took you so long to decide you don’t have a costume or any plans. Don’t worry, we know that feel bro.

This is basically what you’re going through riiiiight about now:

Get to the Google and furiously type in “lol funny costumes Toronto”

Scroll through some of the sub-par ideas, start to feel a little desperate.

Run out the door to the nearest Dollarama or Shoppers Drug Mart.








Look at the price of the costumes and claim false advertising. Spoiler alert: not everything at Dollarama is a dollar.

Google “thrift shops in Toronto”, see the Salvation Army by Moss Park.

Contemplate if it’s worth the risk to walk through Moss Park at night.

Remember the box of assorted stuff from university in your storage locker.

Run downstairs knocking over any little trick or treaters that stand in your path.

Sift through your crap and find some stuff that can potentially work.

Now that your costume is all set, figure out which bar or pub is having a halloween night bash…

Get ready to head out the door in your spandex-ed Halloween costume only to walk out and realize it’s like, 0 degrees outside.

Wait in line in the freezing cold because every bar is full.

Finally walk into the bar all like …

Oh Halloween in Toronto!

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