Take A Fresh Look at Toronto With These Instagrammers

14 July 2015,   By ,  

If you’re an Instagram user in Toronto, you’re probably sick of the same old same old: skyline shots from the Toronto Island ferry, hipster tacos at today’s restaurant-of-the-minute, jellyfish at Ripley’s Aquarium…you get the picture. If you do a little digging, though, you’ll see Toronto’s urban jungle is home to thousands of Instagrammers paying daily homage to the places and spaces that make us so happy to call Toronto home. From intrepid rooftoppers to construction workers, entrepreneurs to ad industry creatives, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite accounts putting new spins on Toronto’s aesthetic.

1. Soteeoh

This Toronto staple seems to scour every inch of the city, shooting the people and places that make us feel right at home.

2. Ori.ginals

A look at Toronto’s empty spaces and packed events alike, this photographer has a grainy all his own.

3. Roamingfocus

This photographer’s colourful and varied style isn’t anchored here at home – his feed will take you around the world, too.

4. Skyjacked793

It’s true that there’s more operating cranes in Toronto than anywhere else in North America, but it’s still not everyday we get to see what their operators do. This crane operator has worked on some of Toronto’s biggest developments, and his stunning photos show just how much inspiration you can find hundreds of feet up!

5. Jayscale

Jay seems to be shooting in perpetual twilight. The result is a totally unique, creative style that feels like home to us!

6. Visionelie

This photographer makes those tiny Instagram squares seem larger than life.

7. Ellenaturel

These surreal, colourful shots are one of the most unique takes we’ve seen, and have quickly become a favourite in our feed!

We hope you love these photographers as much as we do! Have a Toronto-based artist or photographer you think everyone should know about? Tell us on Twitter!

All photos sourced from the indicated Instagram feeds – click the links to see more of their work!