What’s New At Yorkdale?

17 May 2016,   By ,  


If `wp_posts`ve seen the drawings for our new our new Yorkdale Condominiums, then you know, north of Bloor is obviously where `wp_posts`s at. The `wp_posts`s are gorgeous, the community is vibrant, and the shopping is – well the shopping is top-notch! As `wp_posts`s most successful shopping centre, `wp_posts`s just a handful of subway stops away, `wp_posts`s definitely worth checking out and keeping up to date with `wp_posts`s happening up there.


2016 Expansion

If `wp_posts`ve visited Yorkdale in the past few months `wp_posts`ll know something big is happening, with all the construction `wp_posts`s been going on. It will come as no surprise then to learn that this fall, there will be nearly 300,000 square feet of retail space added to the existing shopping centre. This `wp_posts`t a case If you build it, they will `wp_posts` – they already want in! Not only does the market demand even more retailers, but retailers not yet in Yorkdale know `wp_posts`s the place to be.


`wp_posts`s Italian

This past December, `wp_posts`s most adorable Naked Chef brought delicious, authentic, and rustic Italian cuisine to our beloved city and for that, we must thank him. With a Peroni-stocked bar, intimate dining space, and delicious pastas (among other things) made in house, this menu is reason enough to make the trip up the TTC line.



Part of `wp_posts`s massive expansion will include a 188,000 square foot, three-level Nordstrom, set to open its doors in October 2016. As leaders in the industry, Nordstrom will bring the most sought after brands and retailers from around the world to Yorkdale shoppers.



The city has been abuzz with the news that Uniqlo will open its first Toronto location at Yorkdale this fall. The extremely popular Japanese retailer will be bringing it0s minimalist vibes and multi-coloured basics to their many fans this October.


Restoration Hardware

For those of you who love interior design – particularly high-end and extremely tasteful design – `wp_posts`ll be very happy to hear that a 69,000 square foot, four-level Restoration Hardware will be opening its largest Canadian location at Yorkdale this November. With it will come all the upscale home furnishings of your dreams, or at the very least great window shopping opportunities.


Header Image via yorkdale.com