Touring Toronto’s Libraries

26 July 2016,   By ,  

One of Toronto’s greatest feats is its library system. Not only is it the largest public library system in Canada, but it’s the largest neighbourhood-based system in the world. With 100 libraries spanning all across the city, the city’s collection has over 12 million items in total for use by the public.

Our Library District Condos is proudly being built right beside Toronto’s 99th library, the Fort York Library! This 16,000 square foot library will be just steps away from our 29-storey condo at Bathurst and Fort York, making it a great neighbourhood amenity for our owners.

Although our neighbourhood library is one of the city’s newest, many of the other public libraries in the city have been around for a long, long time. Let’s take a look back at a few of them:


Toronto Reference Library

North Midtown/Yorkville. - 1968-1985

Dufferin/St. Clair Library

Buildings - Libraries, Marcott, Dupont & Christie. - 1990-1994


Runnymede Branch Public Library



Gerrard Ashdale Library

North & South Riverdale/Beaches/Street signs. - 1970-1989


Jones Library

South Riverdale. - 1975-1988


Yorkville Library

Yorkville/University. - 1987-1987


Sigmund Samuel Library

University of Toronto - Queen's Park. - [between 1977 and 1998]

Photos via City of Toronto Archives