Queen & Ashbridge Construction Update

01 February 2023,   By ,  

Construction at Queen & Ashbridge continues to progress and we are now officially above grade! Structural formwork is ongoing, with the majority of the work occurring around the perimeter of the site. Retail columns (as seen below) are being formed, as are amenity walls on the South side of the site. The concrete pump is also being installed on the North side of the site.

The “at grade” townhouse units along the West side of the site are also being formed as shown below.

A site this large requires multiple cranes and 3 are currently erected with a 4th to be installed soon. The newest crane (as seen below) is a Luffer crane from Italy while the conventional cranes (right angle/ “L” shaped) are called Hammerheads.

Caisson drilling is set to commence in the South East corner of the site in roughly a week or so and will last for approximately 4 weeks.

Stay tuned for more exciting construction updates at Queen & Ashbridge!