Market Wharf Construction Update – Almost There!

18 January 2013,   By ,  

We were hanging out having lunch in the St Lawrence Market earlier this week and thought, “you know, let’s just see what’s going on at Market Wharf”.

Turns out that the new year has been kind to Market Wharf. Elevators are installed and working all the way up to the top floors,  framing is underway on the penthouse suites, and occupancy has already started!

Excuse the mess as we take you on a tour of the upper floors of Market Wharf!

So the lobby is coming along nicely, and with the addition of elevators it’s much easier to get to the top of market Wharf. Have you ever tried walking up 33 stories? It’s not exactly easy…

The only other option is the lift going up the outside of the building, and only the bravest of the brave (construction workers) go up that thing. We like our elevators like we like our  cats — indoors.

Welcome to one of the penthouse suites of Market Wharf! It might not look like much now, but soon this will be the definition of class.

Looking northeast from the top floor of the penthouse,  this will be a fantastic view in the mornings.

Anyone think ” work in progress” as an interior design theme is going to catch on? No? Okay we’ll get back to work then.

The stairs in the unit leading upstairs.

Here’s a view from the other side of the building, it’s decent enough, we guess.

This is the hallway of the 33rd floor, and one of the the last one that needs to be completed.

Moving down to the 27th floor, most flooring and cabinetry needs to be inst,alled but the units are painted and drywalled.

That’s the carpeting rolled up at the moment, it’ll probably be one of the next things to be installed.

Most utilities are in place, save for some final finishes like light switches, oh and appliances.

Here’s a 2-bedroom corner unit facing southeast on the 27th floor. Doors and walls are up, flooring, cabinetry and appliances are still to come.Wow, what a view though.

Dropping down to the 21st floor we’re approaching move-in territory, as some of these units are actually ready for occupation pending one final inspection! Power, floors and appliances are all on and working! How exciting is that?

So, up to the 21st floor is almost ready to go! Not much longer now…

Market Wharf is located only steps from the historic St. Lawrence Market. To learn more about the building, click here.

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Who’s excited to move in?