4 Toronto things in spring we're excited about

22 March 2013,   By ,  

Spring is in the air,  birds are chirping, the sun is shining ( sometimes) and…snow is falling? What the heck, weather — what is your deal? Always such a downer.

There’s no reason to sulk though, spring is here! With it, comes these 4 awesome things that we’re pretty excited about.

Patio Season!

Admit it, there was that one, kind of warm day in March where all anyone joked about was “let’s go to the patio” and then they went. It’s true, Toronto has a thing for drinking beer outside exposed to the elements. . We’re not going to deny it, and neither should you. Don those sunglasses after a long day in the office and meet up with friends for a pint!

The Toronto Blue Jays

Well, talk about a significant change from last season to this season. This team has see n a significant turnaround and is now a world series contender in the 20th year since they last won the world series. It’s almost as if the planets are aligned. Believe us, we’re knocking on wood at that statement already. But when you have a great team, and a sell out opening night, that’s all got to count for something, right?

That and opening night is pretty much the biggest party this town has ever seen. Let’s go Blue Jays!

Doors Open T.O.

Typically, over a nice sunny weekend in May, the City of Toronto opens the doors of some of the less explored places in the city. Some highlights include the Steamwhistle Brewery, city hall, and Lower Bay station. Although we have to admit, while getting these rare glimpses behind closed doors is fun, it’s not as much fun when you’re allowed to do it.

…Playoff Hockey?

It’s not out of the realm of possibility yet, so there’s a chance our beloved blue and white might see something that we’ve all sorely missed. A Maple Leafs playoff game. You know what? lets even stretch that out to TWO games. We like to live dangerously.

Well, that’s it for us, what events are you most looking forward to?  Let us know in the comments or on twitter!