What's up on Market Street!

06 June 2013,   By ,  

We had a bit of a case of the midweek blahs, then we had an earth-shattering idea — Cupcakes. ¬†We thought cupcakes would cheer us up, and so we went to Market Street with hopes to devour some of the sweet sweet nectar of the chocolate gods and to share with you our adventure. We’re so lucky that St. Lawrence Market is just a hop, jump and a skip away from Market Wharf!

Here are some lovely pictures of our morning in the world’s best food market (as awarded by National Geographic).

It’s pretty cool how Market Street is being redeveloped to become a pedestrian-only zone. People 1, cars O.

This is the new way to Narnia, or that’s what we believe anyway.

… and the crowd cheers!

MACARONS?! Move aside, cupcakes!

Enough maple syrup to feed all of Canada, eh?

Told ya so. To be honest, we were kind of surprised by this fact. But when you think about it, this place has everything. Including…

These giant pickles were huge. Actually the size of an average cucumber.

What’s a trip to St. Lawrence Market without saying hi to the lobsters?

Rest in peace Rube “The Rice Man” Marcus

There’s our Market Wharf, all grown up!

What’s your favourite place in St. Lawrence Market? Are you excited that Market Street will become a pedestrian-only street? Leave a comment below or join the conversation on Twitter!