Context's June Reading List

21 June 2013,   By ,  

Ah, we’ve been slacking on our reading for the past few months but we decided the summer is the perfect time to head over to your favourite library and check out some good reads. Check out these reads that will keep you entertained without working your thought processes too much.

World War Z comes out this week. Even if you don’t love zombie flicks, you probably like Brad Pitt. And for those that love them both, we’ve hit the jackpot.

Like so many movies these days, it’s based on a book. The book is incredibly hilarious and we strongly believe that if there ever was to be a zombie apocalypse, this book would be the first thing we’d grab. If you already read World War Z, be sure to check out The Zombie Survival Guide also written by the same dude.

Before I Go To Sleep is hands-down one of the best mysteries/thrillers you will ever read in your life. We are not kidding. Go read it. Now.

Now, we’ve read enough mysteries to be able to figure out who killed who about half-way through the book. If you’re an avid reader, mysteries get boring after a while. They’re so predictable! But this debut novel by S.J Watson is beyond captivating – you will finish it in a day and the ending will blow your mind!

An Abundance of Katherines is the perfect summer novel. Yes, it’s a ¬†young adult novel but hey, we’re all young and we’re all adults (sometimes).

We all have our types – some of us like athletes, some of us like nerds … well Colin likes Katherines. In his entire life (all 17 years of it and counting) he’s dated 19 girls named Katherine. We don’t need to tell you anymore; read the book to find out how wannabe-child prodigy Colin goes on the adventure of his lifetime, and yes you’ll find out more about these Katherines too.

What’s on your reading list this month? Let us know below or on Twitter and it may be on our list for next month’s reading list!