We sampled the finest dishes the CNE has…for science.

16 August 2013,   By ,  

Earlier today we got really excited when the prospect came up of heading to the CNE on opening day to sample the finest dishes the food pavilion has to offer. After all, the best day is the first one, right?

That excitement quickly turned into overstimulation when we realized what we got ourselves into. That overstimulation quickly turned into shame and regret. But it was all in the name of science. Or something.

The number one rule of the CNE food court is that you don’t talk about the CNE food court. Wait, no that’s not it. It’s that you can’t be distracted by any of the other food accoutrements that litter the pathway to the hallowed food pavilion. As delicious as deep fried Oreos sound, we came for a higher calling: the much anticipated cronut burger.

You might be asking yourself, “what’s a cronut?” Well, it’s not quite a croissant and it’s not quite a donut, but it’s kind of like a donut-shaped Beaver Tail and it’s a huge trend in New York City. No joke. There’s actually a cronut black market popping up in the Big Apple.

But it’s here now, in our beautiful town, and we’ll be damned if we don’t give it a try. But first, let’s a take a look around the food pavilion.

First stop: maple fudge. That’s for the office, of course. We’re saving room for the good stuff.

I know we were pumping up the cronut burger but there is also a stall dedicated to putting Nutella on things. We had to go for the craziest thing on the menu so uh, here are deep fried jalapeƱo poppers with Nutella on them. But we didn’t stop there…

Boom. There it is. These are your dreams, right here in front of you. Go ahead, you can almost smell the Nutella french fries through the screen. But again, not what we came for.

Despite our love of deep fried pickles, they don’t hold a candle to the cronut burger.

Nope, not cronut burgers.

Man, we really underestimated the fudge game here. Sorry, we’re getting distracted. On to the cronut burger!


Behold! the cronut burger. It is a cheeseburger in between two cronuts, topped minimally with what they call maple jam. Our official reviewer described the first few bites as “sugary” and noted that it “tastes like calories.” It was so filling we tried to make our way out of the food pavilion before finding anything else that might stir our curiosity, although at this point we have no idea what that could be.

What the… No. Just no. Our arteries hurt.

Anyone else heading down to the CNE to try the hollowed cronut burger?