Context Shops Local at the CSI

06 February 2014,   By ,  

It was a stormy and snowy Wednesday afternoon but we knew we had to trek out to the Centre for Social Innovation on Bathurst and Bloor for this month’s Pop Up Market. The vendors were all from in and around Toronto so even if you didn’t make it out yesterday (they’ll forgive you on account of snowpocalypse 2014), you should still check them out online and at other local markets across the city.

Here’s what we got:

Valentine’s Day cards from Carrier Pigeon

Handmade in Toronto and so damn cute. We’re not too big on the made up holiday popularly known as Valentine’s Day, but we couldn’t help but pick some of these up. By some, we mean one because we’re probably going to give it to our parents or favourite sibling.

Honey from Bees Are Life Inc.

Honey in our teas, honey in our desserts, honey EVERYWHERE. The lovely ladies from Bees Are Life told us how important it is to have natural honey and how it’s so much better for you than store bought honey. We obviously stocked up on honey lip balms and some honey sticks for our teas.

More greeting cards from Soleil Greeting Cards

By now you’ve probably figured it out that we are suckers for local goods. We checked out the greeting cards from the ever-so- talented Priyanga who started making them as a way to get her patience in check! Once you see how much patience and dedication goes into each and every card, you can assume that this hobby definitely helped her out with her patience. Now, where the hell is my latte?!?

Groceries from Karma Co-op

Organic, local and fair trade food right in the city of Toronto – we love it. Founded in 1972, Karma is a member-owned co-operative carrying inexpensive local, non-GMO and fair trade products. They carry over 200 bulk items; fresh produce from local Ontario farms and health supplements.

Definitely check out these local vendors and artisans in Toronto – support local!