4 Reasons Why A 2-Bedroom Condo at Library District Is A Great Decision

09 April 2014,   By ,  

Listen up folks, we’re going to let you in on a little secret. If you think condos are typically small and meant for couples or the bachelor life, you’re wrong. No, we’re not referring to that bachelor, you know, the one with the hot tubs and desperate women (although, whatever floats your boat buddy). We’re talking about the kind of bachelor that can’t remember the last time they did laundry and kind of wanders around their apartment in a haze because they have an intense desire for human contact but are too shy to talk to the pretty girl (or guy) a couple floors down when they see them in the elevator. You’re familiar, right?

Well anyway, that hit a little too close to home but we digress. Here are 4 reasons why a 2-bedroom at Library District is not only a great idea, it’s basically futureproof and the best decision you can make, housically speaking.

1. Kids

Sure, you might not have any right now, but what if that changes in the next few years? You’re going to need somewhere to keep a kid. They’re a lot like ponies, that way. Oh, they’re also going to want one of those. So good luck with that…

2. Something for the kids to do

It’s not often you can buy a place right beside a library and across the street from a freakin’ historical playground. To add another cherry on top of this massive sundae of awesome, there’s going to be a big, green public park immediately beside the building. So if you wanted to leash up your kids and take them for a walk around the park you can do so. The good thing about kids is that for the most part, they behave well off-leash too.

3. Think of the extra space!

Sure, your life can probably fit into a 1-bedroom suite at the moment, but what if you had that extra space? You could get a cultured, well-travelled roommate. Use it as a yoga studio/video game room. You could even collect an assortment of religious relics and strange artifacts from small cultures to confuse your house guests when they stay over.

4. Home office, anyone?

Think about it: you could wake up in the morning and see the sun break through the other towers in the city. Check your email on your phone. Make a bath of coffee, or tea, whatever, we don’t judge. Take a shower, get all up in that bathrobe and bam. Sit down at your desk, ready to take on the day. You don’t even need to put on pants. Maybe a shirt if you’re in a skype meeting with somebody, but how often does that happen?

There are many reasons why a 2-bedroom is the way to go, but considering the fact that Library district is in a great location, has a bunch of 2 bedroom units up for grabs, and you can move in within the year, why would you even think about buying anywhere else?

Come down to our sales centre and say hi to Scott. If you ask him nice he might even take you on a tour of our model suite.