The Lazy Person Guide to Furniture Shopping

25 April 2014,   By ,  

There are people who totally love furniture shopping and relish in spending hours and hours scouring the city in search of the perfect Ottoman. Then there’s people who couldn’t give a care in the world for spending endless amounts of time furniture shopping but want their place to look pretty swanky.

This post is for the latter.

Well, you COULD go sail the seven seas in hopes of finding trunks and whatever else people tend to find when they go adventuring or you can go up the street, find great furniture and still have time for a poutine from Lou Dawgs.

Yeah, we’re talking about CB2, on King and Bathurst. Here’s what we found at CB2 that would go great in any Library District condo.

One word: sectionals. That’s all you really need if you’re not about that buying tons of chairs and couches life. It’s essentially a build-your-own couch.

You might need a couple of bar stools. We like these.

One of the biggest needs in a condo? Storage. With this bed you can store stuff right under where you sleep!

Speaking of storage, getting a bench that doubles as a trunk is a good idea and totally boss.

Rugs – they’ll fool your friends into thinking you hired some top notch interior designer and have them thinking you’re all avant garde and stuff.

What about this lamp? Everyone loves lamps, right?

So now you tell us you don’t like walking? You probably hate wearing pants, too. Luckily, CB2 offers online shopping and delivery. You’ll probably have to go down the elevator and have some strange moving guy in your apartment for a little bit but hey, beats walking that 700m, right?  CB2 is located on the corner of Queen and Bathurst and is just a short streetcar ride away.