How to Dress Like An Adult Person By Shopping at Yorkdale

30 April 2014,   By ,  

So we did tell you we’re going to Yorkdale and it’s not just because it’s one of the best malls in the city slash country. Well it might be the reason why. Anyway, we couldn’t help but notice you  wearing those pleated khakis and sweater vest combo and thought that it’s about time you stop wearing your dad’s hand-me-downs. You’re an adult now, so we figured it’s due time that you finally start dressing like an adult.

Yup, it’s time.

So grab your credit card – we’re going to Yorkdale to get you swagged out for the summer.

Two words, guys: linen blazers. They’ll make you look like you actually put in effort when getting ready in the AM. Trust us and head to Zara.

Also, while you’re there. You need shorts other than gym shorts so check out some Bermudas (they even have some with suspenders, oh you fancy huh).

Ladies, don’t think we’ve forgotten about you. The oversized thing might work sometimes but we know it’s just to mask your laziness. French Connection has plenty of dresses, like this one:

Or if you’re not into dresses, then tanks work as long as you absolutely make sure you wear something a little bright, not too bright, but bright like this Anthropologie item:

Whoa – we almost forgot about chinos! Men, your lady friends will be totally impressed if you rock some chinos from Ted Baker. And if you don’t have a lady friend, well then you miiiiight after donning these bad boys. they don’t have any goddamn pleats either.

Finally, a tie or two from Harry Rosen would complete the transition to adulthood – as long as you don’t wear it around your head.

Okay, while you’re shopping at Yorkdale and trying to complete (or start) your adult wardrobe, pick up some sunglasses from the Sunglass Hut, maybe a bag from Holt Renfrew (yes, even for the gents), and some shoes from Browns.

Aaaaand we’re good! Congrats – you’re now an adult, or at least dressed like one.