Alternate Names to 'The Yorkdale'

11 June 2014,   By ,  

Yeah, yeah… The cat’s out of the bag, and we’re working on a condominium project called The Yorkdale, and well, it’s near Yorkdale. So near in fact, you could probably walk there and not have to take the TTC. We’ll share with you more information on that as soon as possible, but for now let’s look at what else we could’ve called the project.

“That Place”

Taking a page from Abbott and Costello, we thought this idea would be hilarious when people were asked where they purchased.

“Oh, where did you buy a place?”
“Oh you know, That Place, up by Yorkdale?”
“What place”
“ No, That Place! Oh, forget it.”

“That Subway Station No One Really Uses”

Well this one’s a little mean. Surely SOMEONE uses it. Right? Right? Is that an echo?

The “Way North of Bloor”

To us downtowners, anything north of Bloor is a terrifying place of cars, superhighways and strip malls. But not anymore. We’re bringing amazing design and a downtown lifestyle to uncharted territory. What’s that? You can see it on Google Maps? Nevermind.

The “Still In Toronto”

In the same vein as the previous idea, we just want to remind customers that yes, this is still in the 416. We promise!

“Really Really Expensive Yorkdale Valet Parking”

Some people see the glass as half full, think of it this way, not only is it a condo, you can WALK to Yorkdale. You don’t even have to deal with that hellish parking lot. That makes this worth the price already.

The “Eat at the Rainforest Cafe Every Night”

We can even tout that as an amenity. Who doesn’t want to eat all of their meals beside an animatronic gorilla?

Anyway, the Yorkdale is what it’s officially called and we think it makes us sound all fancy-like. We wish we had a registration page to send you to but it’s the beginning of summer and our website guy is on vacay so you’re just going to have to stay tuned!