Toronto Icons That Should Have Parks Named After Them

10 July 2014,   By ,  

This weekend we found out that Toronto heroes and rock icons, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of Rush, are having a park named after them. Since we have a mayor who is insistent on proclaiming things, we thought we’d offer up a few more suggestions to what and who Toronto can honour with a park.

Drake Park
Well this one is a no brainer. While it only took them the better part of 30 years to recognize Rush, the amount of good karma Drake brings to this city at the moment more than closes that gap.

Hayden Christensen Park
What? We’re just not going to devote a park to the Dark Lord of the Sith? Riiiiight.

The Tragically Hip Park
Arguably the second most cult-worthy band coming out of the Toronto area. You also cannot put on a Toronto rock station without hearing one of their songs.

Ryan Gosling Park
The patron saint of nice, respectable gentlemen, deserves a nice, respectable park you’d be proud to bring home to mother, no?

The Not-Making-Eye-Contact-On-The-Street Park
Think about it, we can visit the park and go to great lengths to ignore other human beings that aren’t with you.

Will Arnett Park
Oh, right, like the guy in the $6,000 suit is going to get a park named after him.

Food Truck Park
Maybe a park for all the food trucks of Toronto? You know – because there’s never any space for them. BRB. This is actually a brilliant business idea.

Did we miss any? Give us a shout below or on Twitter!