Toronto the Good: The George Brown Entrance Scholarship

30 July 2014,   By ,  


So remember how we started a series talking about all the good that goes on in our lovely city? Like the Toronto Batman or the People for Good? Well, we think it’s high time we started sharing more good things that happen in the best city in the world, starting with something that we’re really proud to be a part of: a scholarship!

In partnership with Toronto Community Housing, we’ve created an Entrance Scholarship at George Brown. This scholarship supports five students who are residents of the Toronto Community Housing and are involved in the community via volunteer activities. We’re giving preference to applicants who are going into a trades program and/or a bridging program.

Interested or know a Toronto Community member who’s headed to George Brown, and would be the perfect applicant for this scholarship? Tell ’em to the George Brown Awards Portal, where they can apply for scholarships. They MUST select ‘YES’ for ‘I am a resident of Toronto Community Housing.’