How To Make Your Home Fancy By Shopping At Yorkdale

08 August 2014,   By ,  

A few months ago we shared with you some tips and suggestions on where you should shop so that you can finally start dressing like an adult. Now, we’re moving on to how to make your home look presentable and fancy by shopping at Yorkdale. You ready?

You can’t just buy a blanket and a few pillows anymore because you’re not in college and that’s just not the way it’s done these days. You need to get a duvet cover, and these things called shams, and fitted sheets and a whole bunch of other material for your bed. No need to go fancy per se, but something that definitely says you’re a big kid now, like this Saten Bedding from ZARA HOME.

There’s something about rugs that screams adult, but at the same time you might think it’s unnecessary. Take it from the pros, it’s necessary. Check out this printed rug from ZARA HOME:

You’re on a roll now, eh? We’re glad because now it’s time to buy pillows for your bed/couch. These pillows are purely for decorative purposes so you don’t need to test them for how comfy they are for naps (but these from Indigo are comfy).

This clock – no explanation needed but it’s bloody cute.

Or how about these storage containers for things like laundry detergent or bread from HomeSense? ¬†PS: don’t mix ’em up.

We’ve got an even better idea – instead of us showing you all the stuff that we would buy for our own home, why not head over to Yorkdale and see for yourself? It’s a quick subway ride away for those in the downtown core, but just a hop, skip and a jump away for our future The Yorkdale residents! Lucky.