The Yorkdale Renderings

19 September 2014,   By ,  

HOW GORGEOUS IS THAT VIEW? Sorry, we can’t hold in our excitement!

We know you’ve been itching to see some renderings from The Yorkdale ever since we announced our newest project. Well, ask and you shall receive! Okay wait, that’s not true – that phrase won’t always get you what you want but in this case, it worked. Without further ado…

Here is the beaaaautiful kitchen, this one is L-shaped. Regardless, they are both really nice kitchens, don’t you think so? Our suites will feature these kitchen/dining room duos which is a win for obvious reasons (AKA less time wasted between making the pizza and eating it).

Now for the I-shaped kitchen …

Okay, you’ve twisted our arm. We’ll show you ONE more rendering … the bathroom!

Okay now we’re done sharing for the time being. We’ll share some more on the blog real soon – promise.

Our sales centre will also be opening very, very soon so stay tuned for updates on that. Best way to get the news first is by following us on Twitter. Also – register now so you’re the very first to know.