Different By Design – Volume 11 – Toronto Graffiti

26 February 2020,   By ,  

In our latest edition of Different By Design – Volume 11, we look at some of our favourite graffiti works from around Toronto in recent years. There is no doubt that Toronto is a world class city for graffiti and street art and these works just reinforce that!

King West Graffiti Wall

New York based street artist Buff Monster completed this piece (shown below) in 2015 on a garage door off King Street West.

Buff Monster – King West

South African artist Faith47 installed this piece at Toronto’s Evergreen Brickworks in 2013. She titled it “The Pull of the Land”.

Faith47 – Brick Works

To this day, there is much debate about Graffiti in Toronto and whether it constitutes art or vandalism but there is no denying the quality of the work throughout Toronto and the talent behind it!