If you’ve been following all of our Market Wharf construction updates so far, then you probably already know just how busy we’ve been over the past few months and how quickly construction has been moving along.

We stopped by Market Wharf early today to check up on progress and we must say,we were quite impressed by what we saw. So lets skip all the talk and get right to the pictures shall we?

Be the first to see the model suite videos of the Market Wharf townhomes. They are fully furnished and outfitted with the best upgrades and ready to be moved into now! Life next to St. Lawrence Market is waiting at Market Wharf.

Unit 617


Unit 638


For more information call us at 416 861 8181 or visit the sales center and tour the townhomes in person. Located at 5 Market Street, the Context Sales Center is open Saturday-Sunday 12pm-5pm, Monday-Thursday 12pm-6pm and closed Friday.

Our Market Wharf project has received rave reviews for its striking contribution to Toronto’s skyline and for the remarkable design of its interiors. The man largely responsible for Market Wharf’s interior design is Michael Krus, architect and co-founder of the award winning architecture, interior design, and development consulting firm, TACT Design.

We recently caught up with Michael to discuss his work and his inspiration for the design of the north and south lobbies of Market Wharf.

A recent study from The Toronto Board of Health shows that Torontonians highly value walkable neighbourhoods. The study also suggests that Torontonians strongly desire specific neighbourhood features such as shops and services and a variety of small and medium sized food stores within walking distance of their homes.

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So what can you expect to see when you visit us? Well, we have tons of information on Library District and Market Wharf that you won’t find anywhere else. We’ll be going oot and aboot in our local neighbourhoods, and we’ll have contests to beat the band!! Why? Because who doesn’t love a good ‘ol contest!

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Spring has sprung in Toronto! To celebrate, we headed down to the Market Wharf construction site on a gorgeous sunny afternoon to take some new shots of the site and to find out what the builders have been up to lately.

We’re in a chirpy mood today at Context Development, so in addition to the new King West Sales Center pics that we released today, we’ve also decided to throw in some new photos from Market Wharf !

As the title says, these pics are hot off the press! We took a trip down to the St. Lawrence Market area yesterday morning to snap them and we thought they were just too good not to share. Since we’re super secretive here at Context (it’s just how we roll), we can’t give away too much information yet. But hopefully our pics below will more than make up for our covertness.