“Back to School” Library District construction update

05 September 2012,   By ,  

We stopped by the Library District on a beautifully sunny day to check in on it’s progress. Have a look at some quick updates below:

The amenity building has the first 2 floors built, with construction to begin very soon on the residence tower.

The next step is to finish putting the roof on the amenity building, and to begin construction on the first floor of the residence tower.

The library is being sub-contracted out, but construction on the library should begin in the next few weeks.

These hold the poured concrete in place, they also kind of look cool when they aren’t holding up concrete.

so far construction is on schedule and might I say, looking great!

The full building when completed, will include a 3-storey amenities building, 29 residential floors plus a 3 storey-library.

Construction crews are hoping they can complete 1 new floor every 4 days. Woah.

The footprint for each floor is only 12 units.

View of the amenities building from the library.

It doesn’t look like much now, but once this backfill is leveled out this will form the basis of a beautiful new public space connecting the Library District with Historic Fort York.

That’s it for now, we should have another update in a month.

For more info on library District- Visit the site!

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