Context's Favourite Streets In Toronto – Bremner Boulevard

15 February 2013,   By ,  

Move over, Yonge st, you’re not the talk of the town anymore. Well you may be still, but you’re not our favourite. There, we said it.

One of the reasons we love Toronto so much is the diverse nature of each street. Be it culturally, economically, or demographically, each street has it’s own story from beginning to end. In our first entry to the series, we take a look at what is sometimes called “downtown south”. Or as we lovingly call it, “Jock Alley”. Come with us as we explain why Bremner Boulevard is one of our favourite streets in Toronto.

Naturally, this street starts off at the foot of the busiest arena in Toronto, the home to our very own beleaguered professional Hockey and Basketball teams (and lacrosse too). The shrine at the heart and soul of the sports fan, The Air Canada Centre, has been here since 1999. Back then, Bremner Ave didn’t exist on this side of the road, it wasall one big parking lot to accommodate fans.  In the late – 2000’s, The sports conglomerate that owned the hallowed Air Canada Centre, decided to turn the parking lot into a “Hub of all things Maple Leaf.”  Maple Leaf Square was born, consisting of condos, commercial and retail space. The focal point being an massive screen that would broadcast sports events in this sports-crazed city.

Naturally, the Air Canada Centre is not the only attraction at the foot of Bremner that we love. The largest sports bar in the world, Real Sports is located just west of the Air Canada Centre. It features a two storey screen for watching the big game,  and it’s menu is filled with pub – inspired deliciousness. Oh, and if the game’s not going exactly as you imagined,  they have one of the biggest selections of brews in the city.

Speaking of brews,  a stone’s throw away from the busy hub at the foot of Bremner is the Steamwhistle brewery, one of Toronto’s famous breweries.

For a couple of bucks, you can take a tour of the space, which used to house old rail cars and be a hub for rail activity during the formation of canada. Cool right? You get beer AND a history lesson.

Another important piece of this street is the new Ripleys! Aquarium that is currently under construction. We’re sure it will provide a big boost to the tourism industry in this city, in a place known to draw tourists year-round.

Where else are you going to see sharks beside the CN tower?

Speaking of the CN Tower, here we have it, the most dominant structure in the Toronto skyline and third tallest free-standing structure in the world.

Fact: according to @Stats_Can on twitter – 60% of native Torontonians have never been to the top of the tower. Weird right? Also, can you believe people hang off the sides of this? Crazy.

Here we are finally– the home of the boys of summer, the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Rogers Centre, despite it’s reputation as a concrete monolith of the late 80’s– most Torontonians have a bit of a soft spot for it. It may lack architectural character, but it has a freaking retractable dome.  Let’s be honest though, the best part of the Rogers Centre is being surrounded by 52,000 other Blue Jay fans on an opening night or a sunny Saturday afternoon in June.

So why do we love this street so much? Honestly, when you think about the people of Toronto, we’re a proud bunch who are fiercely loyal to our sports teams through thick or thin. For a short time in the spring, civic pride burns bright all along the boulevard. Couple that with a few world-class attractions nearby and it makes Bremner Boulevard a great street to walk down.

Bremner Blvd might not be the proverbial “heart” of the city, but it certainly is a major artery.

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