Public Art Renderings For Market Wharf Released!

04 February 2013,   By ,  

We just can’t keep it secret anymore…This is Market Wharf’s future public artwork by Paul Raff Studio!

This public art was a global competition we ran for artists and architects and the winning design is courtesy of Paul Raff Studio.  The art is located is a passage that runs within Market Wharf from Market Street to Jarvis Street.

This passage is intended to transport pedestrians and cyclists through the block from street to street, and to house bicycle and automobile parking for the retail shops contained within Market Wharf.  The goal for the artist is to animate and enhance the passage above what would typically be a utilitarian, dark space.

Art Desription from Paul Raff Studio:

Until about 90 years ago, Lake Ontario rolled over the site of Market Wharf. At approximately the level of the ceiling of the new public passageway, the lake’s surface glittered and heaved for those many millennia. A lake’s surface fascinates with its universally appealing beauty. Imagine you could see the lake’s surface frozen in static, sculptural form. Imagine you could walk underneath and experience it. This is Market Wharf’s future public artwork by Paul Raff Studio.

This piece is very complimentary to the art installation on Fork York boulevard, “Watertable”. This installation reflects the original shoreline of Lake Ontario depicted in lights simulating the tide rolling into the shore. It’s located but steps from Library District.

So what do you think? We have a bit of a knack for connecting Old Toronto with the New and couldn’t be more happy to include this with an already stellar-looking Market Wharf.

to learn more about Market Wharf – Visit here!