The 411 on Mouth of the Creek Park

17 September 2013,   By ,  

It’s a big green space with awesome elements, and located next to the Library District condos and the city’s 100th public library.

What is Mouth of the Creek Park, Alex.

Ding, ding, ding! Circle gets the square! Er, what? We haven’t watched game shows in a while…

Earlier this week, some proposed designs for Mouth of the Creek Park were released and we’re happy to share the gist of it with you. In case you’ve been living on a cave on mars, Mouth of the Creek Park will connect  the Library District site with Fort York, underneath the Bathurst Bridge.

We’ve talked a lot about our favourite neighbour Fort York National Historic Site, we’ve even talked with War of 1812 experts on site. According to Ryerson University’s dean of history Carl Benn, the area where Mouth of the Creek Park will be built is actually highly archeologically sensitive. While most of the soil contains nothing but backfill from various construction projects from around Toronto, about 10-15 feet down is the original soil (and potentially artifacts) from the War of 1812!

The park encompasses an east-west bicycling and walking path beneath the Bathurst Bridge, and will link to several areas in  the area, including SkyDome and CityPlace.

We’re major  fans of the archeological play area, which Urban Toronto deemed as an “educational twist on the classic sandbox.” There’s also talks of hanging a bunch of swings underneath the Bathurst Street bridge, no big deal (and when we mean no big deal, we mean it’s a crazy big deal).

The aesthetic of the park is meant to evoke some of the similar landscapes that would have adorned this property in the 1800’s when it was adjacent to a very active Fort York. But by far the coolest part of the park is the “image wall” which looks like panels of blank concrete but then images appear as water hits the surface. AMAZING.

That’s just a little teaser but for more information, check this out.