Market Wharf is SOLD OUT!

24 September 2013,   By ,  

We told you we had BIG news to share and we’re pretty sure that Market Wharf being sold out qualifies as pretty big news. Don’t you think so?

Listen, we know you’re sad because you may have missed out, but you had your chance and now we must bid Market Wharf farewell.

But first … a quick trip down memory lane!

Do you remember when our little Market Wharf was just starting out? *tear*

Barely-there amenities back in May 2012.

Our friends working hard at completing the electrical, plumbing, framing and drywalling, last summer.

We accomplished so much in such a short span of time! Check out that framing!

The units were coming together quite nicely at this point and we were right on schedule. But if you were impressed with this then the next picture will blow you away!

We absolutely love the kitchen in our model suites. It’s like the favourite child — we love them all but this one just a little bit more.

We’d like to interrupt this beautiful walk down memory lane with a picture of the spectacular view from the penthouse loft suite. No big deal.

But back to Market Wharf. Everything came together quite nicely and fit in our timeline. The fitness facilities are pretty first-class.

There’s our Market Wharf. They grow up so fast, don’t they?

Now it’s time for a bittersweet goodbye to Market Wharf, our A+ development next to the St. Lawrence Market. If you ever miss it, you can still visit our Market Wharf category on the blog – home to some of the best construction updates ever. Cant get enough of Context? Then you should definitely keep following us on Twitter to be in the loop for Library District updates and a sneak peek at what we have up our sleeves next.

It’s been a slice Market Wharf. Catch ya on the flip side.