Market Wharf Public Art Piece Update!

01 October 2013,   By ,  

So last week we mentioned that Market Wharf was all sold out and we were both equal parts sad and proud, like a parent sending their kid off to university. But, it appears as that farewell was in vain because we totally have more Market Wharf news.

Remember back when we unveiled the public art piece going into Market Wharf? Well as it turns out, the construction and installation of the art piece is underway as we speak and we caught a sneak peek.

As we mentioned previously, this piece comes courtesy of Paul Raff studio and is meant to depict the original shoreline of Toronto.  You may or may not know this, but until the 1900’s,  the site of market wharf was actually lakebed.

Paul Raff has constructed these reflective panels as an homage to the water’s surface, which in the 1800’s would have been level with the parking thoroughfare ceiling. The piece is meant to give people a sense of the neighbourhood’s history (St. Lawrence Market wasn’t always landlocked!) as well as giving pedestrians and residents something pretty to look at.



Admittedly, it’s kind of cool that the artist is creating a water type illusion out of metal.

Here’s the artist’s official description:

Art Description from Paul Raff Studio:

Until about 90 years ago, Lake Ontario rolled over the site of Market Wharf. At approximately the level of the ceiling of the new public passageway, the lake’s surface glittered and heaved for those many millennia. A lake’s surface fascinates with its universally appealing beauty. Imagine you could see the lake’s surface frozen in static, sculptural form. Imagine you could walk underneath and experience it. This is Market Wharf’s future public artwork by Paul Raff Studio.