Your Autumn 2016 Reading List

The weather is starting to get a little cooler and there’s that distinct feel of fall in the air yet again. That could also be the abundance of pumpkin spice everything around, but either way, the signs of fall are definitely here. One of the best things about fall is curling up with a hot drink, wool socks on your feet, and a good book in your hand. We here at Context love books so we’ve rounded up some of the best reads to have on your reading list this autumn!

5 Awesome Libraries from Around the World

For bookworms around the world, dreaming of beautiful and grand libraries is a common pastime. Visions of multi-storey libraries, with shelves housing the world’s rarest and largest book collections dance in our heads. One of Context’s coolest projects, the Library District Condominiums, pays homage to the City’s many libraries with its abstract design that mimics books lining their shelf. As lovers of reading and literature, we understand the love for beautiful libraries. Here’s a look at 5 of the most amazing libraries from around the globe. 

Okay, now that you’ve recovered from Canada Day festivities, it’s time to start planning beach dates and weekends at the cottage! Can you guess what the common denominator is for all summer excursions? If you guessed beer, you’re probably right, but we’re thinking books and plenty of ’em! And with the newly opened Fort York Library right next door to Library District, you have no excuse to not read more this summer!

Take a gander at our summer reading list so far.

So, we’ve been so caught up with resolutions that we hadn’t even taken the time to sit down and hash out a new reading list for January. And to think, our resolution was to procrastinate more. So much for that. Anyway, check out our books you should be reading this month.