Spring has sprung, and so has Library District! We’re 23 floors up at the moment, with the interiors well underway on the lower floors. Follow past the jump for more pics!

There really isn’t anything better then diving nose-first into a good book. Last month we went a little sci-fi, but we’ll try to bring us back down to reality this month with these fiction titles. Warning – since this is the month of love and all, they’re heartbreakers.

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Did you know that before 1883, there was no public library system in Toronto, or anywhere else in Canada? Fast forward 129 years later and Toronto now has 99 of them! In addition, the city’s 100th public library will be connected to Library District Condominiums. It’s quite a milestone and the city’s public library system has certainly come a long way since 1883. Let’s take a look back at the history of Toronto’s first library.

Toronto's first public library in 1884. It was previously known as the Toronto Mechanics' Institute

Despite rumors of extinction, public libraries are still going strong. According to the most recent report from the Canadian Urban Libraries Council, library usage across the country is up 45 % over the past decade, from 16.6 to 24.1 transactions on average.