The Library District Sales Centre, That's What's Up!

27 February 2014,   By ,  

We almost froze to death but decided that for you, our lovely readers, we’d brave the cold to go check up on Scott at the Library District Sales Centre.

For those wondering where it is, why haven’t you been reading our blog?  All kidding aside, it’s right next to Fort York and the City’s 100th Public Library. Pretty cool, right?

So we walked in where the lovely Parven greeted us and soon we were joined by Scott – they wanted us to tell you that they love company so pop by and say hi.

We spent about a good five minutes trying to convince Scott that the little figurines and cars should be able to move on the model suite. It would be like our own doll, err .. action figure house.

We actually really like the model of Library District. It’s next level awesome.

For those that have never been to the Sales Centre yet, we aren’t kidding when we say the 100th Toronto Public Library is RIGHT THERE.

Some would say having a picture of our own building in the Sales Centre is slightly narcissistic but we’re just flaunting what our mommas gave us.

Ooh, almost forgot to share this one. You can pick your finishes for your unit! We’re torn between Package A and Package B. Well, Package C is really nice, too.

More pictures of our past developments. *Tear* they grow up so fast!


There ya have it! A quick little tour of the Library District Sales Centre. Listen, we’re open every day besides Friday and it’s stupid easy to get there.  And c’mon, we told Scott and Parven you’ll be coming in soon so you better move fast before this turns into some Lord of the Flies situation.

There’s only about 30 units left so hurry! The best part? Occupancy is starting next month so you could be living here in no time at all!