Some of the best gifts for book lovers aren’t actually books. There are so many gorgeous and clever accessories that practically any reader would love to add to their collection. Buying books can either be a great success or a total miss so you can play it safe with these picks – no need to worry about what their favourite genres are or if they’ve already read the book or not!

October is banned book week, this is where libraries and schools celebrate these great works of literature that have often been the subject of controversy, despite their status as literary classics. They are often introduced to people in schools as must-read material that challenges us as human beings to look internally at what drives us all. However, there are some places in the world where these books have been considered “obscene” or  go against common teachings. We think you might be surprised by some of the  books that are considered “banned”. See below for our top 5 banned books to check out this week.