Where to Meet Up for Drinks Before the Holidays

The month of December is notoriously busy. Not only are you trying to wrap up any loose ends at the office before the year’s end, but your social calendar is typically booked to the brim. There’s something about the holiday season that makes everyone want to get together with friends – old and new! The festive spirit is contagious, and the reasons to celebrate and reminisce are plentiful. Once the holiday season ‘properly’ starts, family commitments come into play, so it’s important to get all of your holiday rendezvous coordinated ASAP. The city is full of places to meet up with friends during the holidays, but these are our top picks for spots to grab a drink this season! 

So it’s December. Yep, this means all of you lazy folks that have left Christmas shopping until the very last few weeks are scrambling to figure out what to give this year. You know, it really surprises us how many people procrastinate so hard on shopping for gifts when Christmas is always December 25th, rain, snow or shine. It’s not rocket surgery, folks.

Anyway, we thought we’d do you a solid and give you some great gift ideas from one of the best shopping centres in the country, Yorkdale!

And because it’s Christmas, we’re going to call it the 12 Days of Christmas at Yorkdale. Original? Perhaps not. Funny? You bet.

Hit it! *Clears throat”

It’s almost Christmas – and by almost, we mean you have less than week to get finish your holiday shopping done and get it wrapped.

We know Christmas shopping is a little hard when you’ve got so much (spiked) apple cider to drink, and all those Christmas movies to watch but we put together a list of things you can grab on your lunch break or this weekend. And the best part? They’re perfect for anyone who loves Toronto – so basically everyone on your list.

We hit up the ToronTOpia pop up shop (a collaboration between Coach House Books, Spacing Magazine, and the Toronto Arts Council) on Queen and Portland and pretty much finished all our Christmas shopping in the span of an hour.