Where to Meet Up for Drinks Before the Holidays

The month of December is notoriously busy. Not only are you trying to wrap up any loose ends at the office before the year’s end, but your social calendar is typically booked to the brim. There’s something about the holiday season that makes everyone want to get together with friends – old and new! The festive spirit is contagious, and the reasons to celebrate and reminisce are plentiful. Once the holiday season ‘properly’ starts, family commitments come into play, so it’s important to get all of your holiday rendezvous coordinated ASAP. The city is full of places to meet up with friends during the holidays, but these are our top picks for spots to grab a drink this season! 

There’s always something new going at Yorkdale. Whether it’s a new store, a new event, or an entire new wing! The retail masterminds behind Canada’s top-selling centre are doing all that they can to pry people away from their computer screens, and give them fabulous reasons to hit the mall. This past week Yorkdale unveiled the biggest retail expansion in the GTA this year, and gave the brick-and-mortar retail experience a much-deserved win. 

5 Fall Festivals You Won’t Want to Miss

We’re about a week into fall, and it certainly feels like it. With leaves blowing on the sidewalks, and the air noticeably cooler, it’s hard to believe that summer was so recent! The memories of outdoor summer music festivals, and street festivals feel like a not-so-distant memory. Thankfully, autumn in Toronto is a beautiful season, and full of fun things to do. Here are 5 fall festivals that are coming up and definitely worth checking out! 

Our Ultimate Toronto Bucket List

Toronto’s a big city, which means the list of things to do is essentially never-ending. With so many different people, neighbourhoods, restaurants, shops, parks, events, public spaces, museums – the list goes on and on – comes a plethora of amazing places and spaces to explore when you live here.

The amount of things to do in our city can be overwhelming, so we narrowed down the best of the best into one long, but solid, bucket list. This year, make it your mission to tick off as many items as you can on our Ultimate Toronto Bucket List.

3 Bike Rides That Will Make You Love Toronto

It’s hard to beat summer in Toronto. There’s so much to do and so many places to explore, the city comes to life in the summer. We can’t think of a better way to get around the city when the weather is just right than by bike. A good bike ride can make you fall back in love with the city again. We’ve picked out three of our favourite routes to take around some of our communities.

Grab your bike and hit the trails with us!

1. The Martin Goodman Trail at Bathurst to the Humber Bay Bridge

One of the most beautiful bike rides that you can take in Toronto is along the waterfront. Hop on the Martin Goodman Trail at Bathurst (near our 150 Dan Leckie Way and Library District developments!) and cruise west. You’ll pass by our Tip Top Lofts and through a few parks. Keep going until you reach the iconic Humber Bay Bridge. This beautiful arch bridge also has some great views of the Toronto skyline so be sure to take a peek.

2. The Martin Goodman Trail at Bathurst to Cherry Beach

Starting at the same point as our first ride, this one goes in the other direction. Head east along the waterfront for some different views of the city. Head over to Cherry Street and over the bridge so you can enjoy the skyline of the city from a different vantage point. Loop on over to Cherry Beach – it’s a great place to spend a summer afternoon before biking on home.

3. The Martin Goodman Trail at Jarvis to Riverdale Park

If you’re near our Market Wharf development in the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood, you’re not far from the bike path along the waterfront. Just head down Jarvis to the Martin Goodman Trail! Head east and then follow the trail north that goes along the DVP and the Don River. It’s a beautiful ride and it’ll take you right on up to Riverdale Park. It’s a bit more challenging than our first two rides, but it’s worth it for the views along the way.

Do you bike around Toronto? What’s your favourite route for a ride? Tell us over on Twitter.

Where to Celebrate Canada Day in Toronto


`wp_posts`s nearly time to find all your red and white clothes, bring out the face paint and make your best attempt at drawing a maple leaf. `wp_posts`s almost `wp_posts`s 149th birthday, so how are you going to celebrate? There are plenty of events and activities going on in Toronto, and `wp_posts`ll be hard to choose which ones to attend! `wp_posts`ve gathered our top 5 options for you to choose from:

Make the most of your summer at these 5 Toronto festivals

`wp_posts`s finally here! The sun is out, converse shoes are back on, and just about everyone is looking for a patio to celebrate on. `wp_posts`s time to eat as much as you can at food truck festivals, lose your voice at concerts, and cheer the Blue Jays along. Summer 2016 in Toronto is finally here, and there are several festivals you must get to.

Best Places To Take Selfies This Spring

trinity bellwoods

During the winter months, Torontonians risk frost bite every time they want to take a selfie. As we all know too well – the urge to selfie is quite often! Thus the frozen hands we experienced this winter were numerous. Thankfully, the spring and summer months in the city are nothing short of glorious. The options for fun things to do and cool places to visit are endless – and so are the photo ops.
Get ready to make your Instagram feed more popular – here are our top picks for the best places to take a selfie this spring.

What’s Within 15 Minutes of Don Mills and Eglinton?

In case you missed it, we’re cooking up something pretty big for the Don Mills and Eglinton area! Plans for Celestica Lands, a new development we’re working on with Diamond Corp and Lifetime Developments, are well underway now. We’re looking forward to bringing a new and exciting community to the area!

In anticipation of our redevelopment of Celestica Lands, we’ve rounded up some of the best places within walking distance of the area and mapped them out. Everything featured on the map is within 15 minutes of the site – you’ll find restaurants, museums, parks, and so much more.

Books Are Blooming! Must-Reads For Spring 2016

As of March 20th – Spring has sprung! The snow is melting (and hopefully not making an unwelcome return), the birds are chirping, and soon the gardens of the city will be in full bloom. What does this mean? It means that park benches, cute cafés, and sun-filled lazy weekends are calling your name. At first it will be with just a soft hush, but by the time April finishes, these places will pretty much be demanding your presence. Sure you can just frequent these spots unarmed, and ready to people watch, or Instagram scroll – but it’s always a good idea to come equipped with a good book. With all the new and hot books that have been released so far in 2016, your must-read list is going to be full of options for Spring reading. Here are 5 worthy additions to any Spring reading list worth its salt.