Okay, now that you’ve recovered from Canada Day festivities, it’s time to start planning beach dates and weekends at the cottage! Can you guess what the common denominator is for all summer excursions? If you guessed beer, you’re probably right, but we’re thinking books and plenty of ’em! And with the newly opened Fort York Library right next door to Library District, you have no excuse to not read more this summer!

Take a gander at our summer reading list so far.

It’s been a hot week. And by hot, we mean sweltering, blazing, melting…that kinda of heat. Where you feel as if you can fry some eggs on the roof of your car, flip a few pancakes, maybe uh, make grilled cheese? Okay, okay, you get the point.

When it’s this hot out there’s nothing more to do than grab a cold beverage, grab your shades and hit the pool or patio with a good book! Here’s what we’ve come up with for July’s reading list.