Library district

Hello hello from Library District!  Since we last saw each other, it was around the end of the fake apocalypse and the 11th floor was being poured. Since then, we’ve gained 3 floors, Windows, and the beginning of framing is underway on the lower floors.  Follow past the jump for more!

Library District

Library District is going up pretty quickly. It seems only a few weeks ago we were on the 8th floor, now we’re pouring the 11th! Have a look at what’s going on around the site this month!

It’s been quite some time since we last visited Library District . We mean, it’s not like we’re avoiding it, we’ve just been…you know, busy with other stuff. We’ve been meaning to call though, we promise.

Every month we take a look at the history of Library District‘s most famous neighbour; Fort York. This month in an interview with the foremost expert regarding the fort, Dr. Carl Benn, Dean of History at Ryerson University, our discussion will focus around the years immediately after the war and leading up to Canada’s independence.These years were influential in the development of Toronto and Canada as we know it exists today.

Looks like it’s time to check in on progress at our Library District development. As you can see from the picture above,  workers are well under way on pouring the third floor of the amenities building, and it looks like the library is coming along nicely as well. It’s only a matter of time until we get to see the tower rise!  Check out some more great photos below.

Library District Context

This past Wednesday, Context hosted a celebration at Fort York signifying the commencement of Construction on the Library District tower. Officials from Context, Baker and the Toronto library were on hand to celebrate the construction beginning across the street.

Beyond the Bathurst st bridge, Library District can be seen poking up above the fall foliage. Fort york also presented an opportunity for  attendees to learn more about the national historic site that will be located right next to our building.

After a light lunch and some warm beverages, Howard Cohen from Context gave a few words about the development and the significance of incorporating the City of Toronto’s 100th library into the development. Jeff from Baker real estate and shared his thoughts from a realtor point of view.

Fort York also took the opportunity to showcase their own development to revitalize their tourist area within the fort york by building a visitors centre. The building–part of a $23 million upgrading of Toronto’s birthplace–will start construction during the Bicentennial of the War of 1812. It will sit just outside the gates to the ramparts of the fort, within the National Historic Site and tucked into a slope in the ground that was once a bank on the shore of Lake Ontario.

Library District is located directly to the east of Fort York and is currently under development. Library district also includes the construction of Toronto’s 100th  public library.

To learn more about Fort York, pay a visit! And don’t forget to say ” Hello” to Library District across the street 🙂

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Context Library District

Right beside our Library District construction site lies one of the most historically significant sites in Toronto, if not Canada. Fort York was built to protect the small colony of York from American threats in the later part of the 1700’s and has played a key role in the development of modern Toronto as we know it. In the following series we will sit down with one of the most foremost experts on Fort York, Carl Benn, PhD and Dean of History at Ryerson University to chat about the fort’s history and it’s role in shaping Toronto into the city it is today.

We stopped by the Library District on a beautifully sunny day to check in on it’s progress. Have a look at some quick updates below:

We stopped by Library District today to check up on things and here’s a quick report on what’s going on.