There really isn’t anything better then diving nose-first into a good book. Last month we went a little sci-fi, but we’ll try to bring us back down to reality this month with these fiction titles. Warning – since this is the month of love and all, they’re heartbreakers.

Check out our reviews after the jump! 

We’d like to start off 2013 by doing something a bit different. Yes we will still have construction updatesamusing and hopefully, informative posts about Toronto and it’s history. But our resolution was to inject a little more…Culture into this blog.

As you’re probably aware, we at Context are avid readers – not just the classics though, we’re pretty up to date on some current books as well! Recently we got our “geek” on to check out some recent sci-fi novels. Head past the jump for Context book reviews of The Postmortal By Drew Magary and Ready, Player One by Ernest Cline.