Listen up folks, we’re going to let you in on a little secret. If you think condos are typically small and meant for couples or the bachelor life, you’re wrong. No, we’re not referring to that bachelor, you know, the one with the hot tubs and desperate women (although, whatever floats your boat buddy). We’re talking about the kind of bachelor that can’t remember the last time they did laundry and kind of wanders around their apartment in a haze because they have an intense desire for human contact but are too shy to talk to the pretty girl (or guy) a couple floors down when they see them in the elevator. You’re familiar, right?

Okay, we have a slight surprise for you so try to contain your excitement. There’s been amazing progress on the amenities centre of Library District and we just couldn’t wait to show you. Here’s the amenities centre in it’s current incarnation

Market Wharf got an A. This is weird, like ” Johnny got an A in science so let’s show the whole family at dinner” weird.


Regardless — You like us, you REALLY like us! Well, at least Christopher Hume does. Check out his glowing review of Market Wharf in the Toronto Star here.


It can be said that with the exception of the Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto is really lacking in the space necessary to hold a top-notch summer music festival downtown. And before you start, no, Downsview park doesn’t count.

But then our good friends and usually quiet neighbours over at Fort York went and let a bunch of musical hooligans into their yard for some good old fashioned fun. Which has us all excited about these amazing shows lined up this summer.