Listen up folks, we’re going to let you in on a little secret. If you think condos are typically small and meant for couples or the bachelor life, you’re wrong. No, we’re not referring to that bachelor, you know, the one with the hot tubs and desperate women (although, whatever floats your boat buddy). We’re talking about the kind of bachelor that can’t remember the last time they did laundry and kind of wanders around their apartment in a haze because they have an intense desire for human contact but are too shy to talk to the pretty girl (or guy) a couple floors down when they see them in the elevator. You’re familiar, right?

We know we gave you a real treat with pictures of one of Market Wharf’s Water Suites last week, but guess what?

What’s that? No, we aren’t going to petition to bring back the cronut burger sans weird maple bacon jelly.

We have another suite to show off!

I guess this means we have to take our tuxedo to the tailors because guess what?!

Drumroll please …