Holiday Gift Guide for Bookworms

There are certain people on your holiday shopping list that are really difficult to buy for, such as your friend who is starkly against consumerism, or in contrast, your sister who has extremely specific (and expensive) taste. Then there are the people on your list who make your life easy, such as the bookworms. If any of the loved ones you’re buying for love to curl up with a good book, the hunt for their gift will be extremely simple. All you have to do is peruse the best seller list and think of cozy additions to a good reading session to make them happy! Check out these great reads, and cozy bookworm accessories to get for the bookworm in your life. 

It’s been a great year for Toronto, and it seems like our status as a world-class city is only cementing itself further as 2015 progresses. Whether you’re all about the Toronto love yourself, or you’re looking for a gift for your favourite transplant, any of these fun products are a great way to show off your YYZ pride!

Fall is here and it’s only here for a short while before the snow comes, so make the most of it! We went to Yorkdale (since it’s literally right next to The Yorkdale) and did a bit of browsing/shopping. We ended up finding tons of things that are just perfect for this short-lived favourite season of ours.

A few months ago we shared with you some tips and suggestions on where you should shop so that you can finally start dressing like an adult. Now, we’re moving on to how to make your home look presentable and fancy by shopping at Yorkdale. You ready?

So we did tell you we’re going to Yorkdale and it’s not just because it’s one of the best malls in the city slash country. Well it might be the reason why. Anyway, we couldn’t help but notice you  wearing those pleated khakis and sweater vest combo and thought that it’s about time you stop wearing your dad’s hand-me-downs. You’re an adult now, so we figured it’s due time that you finally start dressing like an adult.

Yup, it’s time.

So grab your credit card – we’re going to Yorkdale to get you swagged out for the summer.